Rebar Certification

Each individuals order of reinforcing bar is produced with a series of distinct markings that provide the product’s manufacturing information. Through effective tagging of each individual bundle, we are thorough in inspecting, approving, and keeping track of our steel. These steps ensure that we can quickly identify any single bar’s origins, should that information be required in the future.

Mill Test Reports

Certified Mill Test Certificates are provided for all orders when delivered. These reports are formally produced and certified by the manufacturing steel mills. They provide the precise chemical composition of the material and ensure that the product conforms to all technical conditions of the ASTM specifications.



Contractors should understand the process of rebar inspection, whether the inspection is done by their own forces or by an inspector representing the owner or building official. The goal of inspection or quality-control programs is to ensure that contract documents and building codes are continuously followed. The programs also ensure structural safety and architectural aesthetic compliance.


Just in Time Rebar utilizes the very best, skilled rod busters from our rebar division to give you a sturdier, tied and finished product. No job is too small or big, as we always cater to commercial, residential and industrial projects.